Trade Remedies

Trade Remedies

In the GCC, Al Armouti excels in offering comprehensive legal advisory and representation services for industrial and exporting companies in anti-dumping and trade remedies proceedings. Our team's deep understanding of GCC countries’ laws and international trade rules and practices enables us to effectively represent local industries and exporting companies in complex trade remedy disputes.

On the global platform, we offer expert legal advisory and case management services for GCC industries subjected to trade remedy cases in international markets. Our firm collaborates with leading trade remedy specialists across many countries outside the GCC, including the United States, Canada, India, Turkey, Brazil, and the EU. We provide GCC industries with unparalleled export market protection.

Our Approach and Services

Legal advisory and representation: We manage all aspects of trade remedy cases, from the drafting of petitions to comprehensive representation of clients in the investigations, including preparation and submission of detailed defenses, and attendance in the verification visits and the public hearings.

In-Depth Dumping Analysis and Research: Our services include conducting dumping analysis studies and causality market research studies. These analyses are crucial in building strong cases for or against dumping allegations.

Lobbying and Advocacy: We engage in effective lobbying efforts to represent our clients' interests to policymakers and regulatory bodies, ensuring their voices are heard in critical trade matters.

Injury Analysis: Our team performs comprehensive injury analyses to assess and demonstrate the impact of imports on domestic industries, a key component in trade remedy cases.

Industry Expertise and Global Reach

Diverse Industry Representation: We have represented a wide range of sectors in trade remedy investigations, including Sanitary Wares, Cement, Ceramic Tiles, Steel, Galvanized Coil Sheets, Electric Electrodes, Tires, Car Batteries, and A4 paper. Our experience across these diverse industries equips us with unique insights and strategies tailored to each sector's specific challenges.

Membership in SAWTR: As a proud member of the Strategic Alliance on WTO and Trade Remedies Law and Practice (SAWTR), we are part of an international network of leading legal practitioners and trade advisers. This membership enhances our global reach and allows us to stay at the forefront of developments in WTO law, trade remedy investigations, and trade policies.

Notable Achievements

Representation in High-Profile Anti-Dumping Cases: We have successfully represented both local industries and exporting companies in anti-dumping cases and appeals, navigating complex legal and regulatory landscapes.

Strategic Advisory in Safeguard Investigations: Our firm has advised a variety of entities in safeguard investigations, applying our expertise in international trade law to a range of products and industries.

Influential Contributions to Trade Policies: We have conducted significant policy reviews and studies for governmental bodies, contributing to the development of fair and effective trade remedy laws and regulations.

Our Commitment

At Al Armouti, we are committed to delivering strategic, tailored legal services in trade remedies. Our goal is to effectively navigate the intricacies of international trade law, achieving optimal outcomes for our clients.


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