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Saifullah Khan | Pakistan

Saifullah Khan | Pakistan


Mr. Saifullah Khan is the Managing Partner of S.U.Khan Associates, Management Consultants law firm in Islamabad Pakistan.

Mr. Khan has over a decade of practical experience in the areas of international trade advisory, accounting and finance, internal and external financial & management audits, taxation and management consultancy. His specialized field is consultancy in WTO Laws including Agreement on Antidumping, Agreement on Subsidies & Countervailing Measures, Agreement on Safeguards, GATS and TRIPS etc.


He has acquired extensive experience of dealing with cases attracting antidumping law and procedures in Pakistan and abroad. He has been involved in more than 75% of the antidumping cases initiated by the Pakistani Antidumping Authority (i.e. National Tariff Commission, Ministry of Commerce – Pakistan) till date and has been providing antidumping consultancy services to the domestic industry in Pakistan, working for them as a petitioner and representing them throughout the investigation till the imposition of final antidumping duties. He has also represented a large number of producers / exporters of foreign countries for protection of their commercial interests in Pakistan; working as their attorney/consultant in Pakistan and defending them till final determination, in compliance with the provisions of WTO Agreement on Antidumping, Antidumping Duties Ordinance 2000 and Antidumping Duties Rules 2001. He has been advising clients in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand on various international trade agreements and trade defence laws.


While working with the international trade lawyers/consultants in various countries (including Belgium, Canada, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, etc.) in different antidumping and other assignments; he has gained a fair knowledge and understanding of antidumping regulations of different countries and the practices being followed by their antidumping authorities. Mr. Khan has also defended antidumping cases of a number of Pakistani exporting companies which were facing antidumping allegations from foreign antidumping authorities.


Mr. Khan has the honor of preparing and filing first antidumping case with the NTC, more than ten years ago after promulgation of Antidumping Duties Ordinance 2000. Further, he has also prepared and filed the first antidumping appeal with the Antidumping Appellate Tribunal after its becoming functional in the recent past. He has successfully represented his clients before the Antidumping Appellate Tribunal.


He has also been providing advisory services to clients regarding GATS and TRIPS agreements of the WTO. He is well versed with the preferential and free trade agreements of Pakistan with other countries and has been advising national and international clients on FTAs and PTAs of Pakistan with other trading partners including China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.a