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We advise clients on matters falling under competition law and have assisted and represented our clients in competition disputes in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


Additionally, we advise our clients on the compliance of their business transactions with competition law.


Our legal services include:

  • Advisory on the compliance of business operations with competition law.

  • Pre-case assessments.

  • Advice on Competition law implications of mergers and joint ventures.

  • Analysis of cost data.

  • Market research on the existence of unfair trade practices.

  • Drafting competition petitions and filing same with competition authority.

  • Civil and Criminal litigation.


General Information


Competition law governs companies’ behavior in the market, as it aims to maintain a free market that encourages fair competition, innovation, diversification of supply sources, and the leverage of quality, all of which lead to providing the consumer with quality products and services at affordable and non-exorbitant prices.


The law mainly prohibits any unfair practices in the market including explicit or implicit agreements between competitors to either: fix the prices or conditions of sale,  fix quantities of production or service provision, share the market based on geographical regions or quantities of sales, set barriers to entry of enterprises into the market or eliminate them therefrom,  and collusion in tenders or bids.  It also governs the behavior of “dominant” companies and penalizes the misuse of the dominant position to protect smaller companies and the consumer.


The law regulates and observes mergers and acquisitions of companies to ensure that such mergers do not result in monopolizing the market by merging companies. 


Violations under the law are subject to criminal liabilities and could also lead to the closure of the business of the violating company.