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International Trade Law

International Trade Law


WTO | Free Trade | Customs | Standards | E-Commerce


AL Armouti lawyers & consultants have extensive experience in the WTO agreements, precedents, jurisprudence, and their interrelationship with domestic laws in Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.


We advise on and represent our clients in disputes and issues falling under Customs lawStandards Law, Export-Import lawElectronic Transactions lawIntellectual Property lawAgriculture law, and Investment law.


Our objective is to help companies overcome market entry barriers caused by either violation of the rules by competitors; or misinterpretation of the WTO rules by governmental agencies.


AL Armouti acts on both administrative and judicial levels by providing legal advice and legal representation services before concerned authorities and competent courts.


Our focused areas of litigation in this regard are :

  • Customs valuation

  • Intellectual property infringements

  • Free Trade exemptions  

  • Import licensing

  • Standards compliance


General Information


The World Trade Organisation requires member countries to bring trade laws into compliance with the WTO agreements.


The agreements aim to ease the movement of products and services between international markets and for this purpose they lay down the rules and procedures to be adopted by member countries with regard customs, standards, import licensing, intellectual property, agriculture, and trade remedies.


In practice, the compliance of internal regulations with the agreements has helped standardize most of the trade laws around the globe, including laws in our jurisdictions. 


In most legal systems of member countries, WTO rules are superior to national laws and regulations. So trade companies should make sure that governmental measures are compliant with the provisions of WTO agreements, and that such provisions are being interpreted in accordance with the WTO precedents.