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Export-Import | Market Access 


We advise clients and represent them in matters falling under the provisions of the WTO agreements, free trade agreements and related national laws in Jordan and the region.

We advised and represented clients from various sectors in matters/disputes evolving from the following measures:


  • Limiting market access of imported products due to excessive restrictions applied by importing country. Such restrictions can take the form of complicated import licensing requirements, excessive technical standards, excessive sanitary standards and excessive environmental standards.


  • Applying tax duties on imported products with rates higher than rates applied on similar local products (National Treatment).


  • Applying tariff rates on imported products higher than rates applied on like products originating imported from other WTO member countries ( Most Favored Nation).


  • Restricting entry of imported products under national legislations which are not compatible with the WTO agreements.


  • Applying unjustified quotas on imported products.


  • Subjecting imported products to unjustified customs valuation procedures.


  • Limiting the competitive advantage of imported products due to the existence of a prohibited subsidy programs in the export market favoring domestic products.


  • Applying tariffs rates higher than rates specified in the schedule of concession of the importing country.


  • Imposing non-compliant anti-dumping or countervailing or safeguards duties on imported products.