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Export-Import | Market Access 


Almost all major companies today are involved in international business activities or face competition from global sources.  Increasingly, companies know that their success requires active participation in the world market.  Doing business in the international arena is exciting.  It can also be complex and intimidating due to the ongoing vulnerability to various types of barriers to trade. 


As the international principles and rules of trade, as set by the World Trade Organisation and free trade agreements, have been adopted in the legal systems of the vast majority of countries around the globe; the pre identification and exploration of international markets has accordingly become more transparent and predictable for industrial and trading companies,  empowering traders and industries by such avoid and dismantle any type of barriers imposed by governments against the access of their product and also to counteract unfair trade practices by competitors in either local or export markets.


However, businesses would still need assistance for various reasons, such as the lack of WTO awareness specially in developing and least developed countries; the complexity of the WTO rules, and the constant violation of WTO rules by governmental bodies of member countries.


We assist trading and industrial companies in safeguarding their trading rights under the WTO and free trade agreements before competent administrative and juidicial bodies in Jordan and the region. 


We also advise our clients on issues falling under the WTO Agreements and related national legislations, including customs valuation, subsidies, export and import, technical barriers to trade, agriculture,sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and the GATT 1994.