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Al Armouti is a boutique international law firm based in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Our lawyers and consultants have extensive experience in international trade law and commercial law, especially Anti-Dumping, Safeguards, Anti-Subsidies, Competition, Free Trade, and the WTO.


We provide advisory and legal representation services to international and local clients in the Middle East region primarily Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.  


As regards the global platform, AL Armouti is a member of the Strategic Alliance on WTO and Trade Remedies Law and Practice (SAWTR); an international group of leading legal practitioners and trade advisers in the fields of WTO law, trade remedy investigations, and trade policies.


Given our areas of law that also require economic research and financial analysis, our team is comprised of lawyers, economists and financial analysts who have extensive knowledge in trade remedies and competition law practice. 


We take pride in being regionally the leading and most experienced law firm in trade remedies, competition law, and the WTO.

Whether you are an importer, an exporter, a local producer of industrial or agricultural products, or a service provider, we can assist you to overcome any technical or customs matters affecting your competitiveness and access to any regional markets or any other market in the world.


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Al Armouti Law Firm